Live mode vs Test mode

Our Pay widget and API work across two modes/domains:

  • Live domain or Live mode
  • Test domain or test mode

Most importantly, the API key you use in accessing the API will determine if you are on live or test mode. In your local or staging environment, you will want to make use of your test API keys while your customer-facing production app uses your live keys


Check domain in API Response

API responses will always contain a key in the JSON response called domain. The domain will always be either test or live.

Testnet versus Mainnet

A lot of blockchains have 2 networks: a testnet and mainnet network.

As you might guessed correctly, testnet means a testing network while the mainnet stands for Main network. Testnets usually have the same features and operations as a mainnet but with a few distinctions:

  • Data persistency is not guaranteed.
  • Testnet coins have absolutely zero value. This allows developers to test their products as much as possible without having to spend real money. You can amass as much crypto on a testnet but they will always be worth nothing.
  • Completely isolated from the mainnet. It doesn't have the same data as the mainnet


Domain/mode determines the blockchain network

When you are in live mode, we use the mainnet. When you are in test mode, we use the testnet. You don't have to configure anything


Stablecoins are not available in test mode

Stablecoins are unavailable in test mode.