Fluidcoins is a REST API product and as such we religiously follow conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the status of an API call - success or failure.


2XX Status code

Everything went well.


4XX Status code

A required piece of information/data was not found in the API request thus we cannot process it


5XX Status code

Something is wrong with Fluidcoins. This range of errors are extremely rare

Status code


200, 201, 202

Everything works as expected. API request was successful


Bad request. Review the data sent in the request. Usually, this means a required piece of information is missing


Unauthorized. This happens when you provide an invalid or non-existent API key


Resource not found. This could happen when you try to retrieve an item with a non-existent ID


Not enough permission to perform this operation


You are sending way too many API requests and have been rate-limited


Something went wrong on Fluidcoins end. Doesn't happen often :)