Some important terms that will be useful during the course of integration so you better understand the Fluidcoins product.



This determines if in live mode or test mode. Which in turn determines the blockchain network to use ( testnet or mainnet )


Payment link

A payment link is a no-code method of generating reusable links that can be shared with your customers. With this, you do not have to write any code, worry about integration and your customers can visit the said link and pay you anytime


Public key

This is used to initialize the Fluidcoins Pay widget. This can be found in the developers' section of the dashboard


Secret key

Accessing a large chunk of our API requires authentication. The secret key does that for you. You will need to pass it in via Authorization HTTP header ( Bearer )



Most API calls will return a reference key in the response, this is the identifier that can be used to retrieve the resource/item again